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True Crime Inspired Mystery hunts 

All the elements you love from Escape rooms


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2 hour Mystery Hunt

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2-200 players


Our mystery hunts will take you on a self- guided tour in the chosen area, while you solve a true crime mystery.

To solve the case, you have to explore your chosen location while looking for clues.

You get to both explore a city of your choice and solve a crime from the past at the same time! 

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Choose a location and a mystery hunt

Pick up the mystery hunt at pick-up point

Solve the mystery while exploring the City

Enjoy time outside, away from screens



Our Mystery Hunts need no pre-booking. This enables you to start solving the mystery whenever you like! With a Mystery Hunt you get all the elements you love from an escape room only outdoors.

You get to enjoy the historical surroundings while exploring the chosen area at your own pace. 
The mystery hunt gets everyone away from their phone and involved as a team, allowing you to enjoy the thrilling experience of  solving a true crime mystery!

Solve A Mystery Wins THA 2022

What do people think

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Brilliant concept. Local history, Outdoor, True crime, Togetherness all in one.
The level of difficulty made it possible for everyone to participate :)

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We picked up our mystery envelope very easily and we had a great time running around the city trying to find the clues. Definitely a fun thing for couples or groups to do. 

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 I had a super experience with my girlfriend, little sister and her boyfriend. Can definitely recommend the concept.

Anyone can join in.

Frequently asked questions

Do i Have to pick a Time

NO! After you have picked up the mystery, you can do it whenever you wish! We recommend doing it while there is daylight for the optimal experience.

How do I receive the mystery?

After purchase you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt and all additional information.

You must bring your receipt/confirmation (either printed or by showing it on your phone) to the collection point in the city you have chosen. When you show this to the store staff, you will receive your mystery. 
The address, contact information and opening hours for the stores that act as collection points are given in the confirmation email.


YES! For all our Mystery Hunts you will pay per person, but you have to be a minimum of 2 people to be able to solve the mystery. 

Route, time spent and solution 

The route is approx. 2 km / 1 mile.

It takes approx. 2 hours to complete the experience.

65% solve the final mystery but

everyone can solve several of the entertaining tasks along the way.

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