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Sweden's fake serial killer

Today we are again going to talk about a serial killer, but unlike the other times when we have talked about real serial killers, today we are going to talk about Sweden's fake serial killer.

Yeah, I didn't realize you could be a fake serial killer until I delved into this case.

This is a story that will shock you.

3 July 1988, nine-year-old Therese Johannessen said goodbye to her mother, on her way out to buy Friday sweets, and never came home again.

8 years later in a therapy session, Thomas Quick, also known as Sture Bergwall, confessed to abducting, raping and murdering Therese.

But this was not the only murder he confessed to.

Throughout the 1990s, Quick admitted to more than 30 murders in Scandinavia.

Thomas was an addict, mentally ill, pedophile, cannibal and the Nordic region's biggest serial killer.

As you can imagine, this was really talked about in the media, not least because the murders were described as violent, merciless, brutal and animalistic.

Even Quick's own defense attorney believed he was guilty, but journalists, criminologists and lawyers had their doubts and simply thought Quick was a pathological liar.

In several trials between 1994 and 2001, Quick was convicted of 8 murders, although there was no forensic evidence or witnesses.

Several years later, Quick retracted his confessions, saying he had taken the blame for getting drugs and attention, and in March 2014, Quick was acquitted and released after 20 years. But how could this happen? And was Quick behind some of the murders or was it all a lie?

So it's a wild story. If you know any just as wild stories, or have one you'd like to hear, don't hesitate to write it in the comments section.

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