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Looking for a fun and cheap activity?

Well, look no more! I have the perfect answer for you. I know that everything is getting more expensive at the moment. It is for me too…

Even though things are getting more expensive, I still like to hang out with my friends and family, because I think it is important to still have fun! Even at times where money is a bit short.

Therefore I always scroll the internet for cheap and fun activities for me and my friends to do when we hang out.

We also like to get outside of our normal places and see new things, and that is almost never cheap. But! Yes, there is a but.

Solve a mystery at Amalienborg Castle

Solve A Mystery is a very price friendly alternative when you want to do something fun yet cheap. All you need is a group of friends and/or family and a pair of comfortable shoes. Solve A Mystery provides you with everything else. Easy right?

You go on a fun and different city walk in a city of your choice and solve a mystery based on a true crime! I know it doesn’t sound cheap but I promise you it is. I like this activity because the mystery guides me to places I normally wouldn't go to myself. And on top of that, there are facts about the places in the mystery as well. So if you are exploring your own city, I can almost guarantee that you will learn something new.

There are different mysteries depending on the city you want to explore. Actually Solve A Mystery has mysteries in 8 european cities. So chances are, there is a mystery near you! The prices start at €7,5 per person, when you are a group of 4. And why is it so cheap? Because Solve A Mystery wants to make it possible for everyone to have fun.

The mysteries take place outside, so you don't need to pay extra for entrance anywhere.

Check out all the mysteries here:

Pssst! Make your coffee or tea at home and bring it in a to go cup. That way you can make your day even cheaper. You're welcome!


True Crime Geek and Money Saving Expert

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