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Denmark's biggest serial killer 😱

It's been a while since we've talked about serial killers! So now I think it's time for another one.

This is the case of the biggest serial killer in Denmark. The case of Dagmar Overby. Yes, I know Denmark sounds like a friendly country, but we do have a dark side too!

Ok, back to the story about Dagmar Overby!

In 1916 Dagmar Overby killed her first victim. Her victim was a child that she had just adopted from a woman who couldn't keep the baby because she already had a child. Dagmar Overby had created a contacts form in the local newspaper where she told, that she could adopt children for the small amount of 12 DKK( a lot back then, I know) and that was what the woman had found and now contacted Dagmar.

The mother of the child payed Dagmar Overby to adopt her child and on the very same day, Dagmar strangled the child and threw it in a toilet.

I mean… That is just crazy!

In 1920 Dagmar Overby was arrested. The police found out about Dagmar and her actions because a girl who also payed Dagmar to adopt her child, regretted her decision and wanted her baby back. Unfortunately, it was too late. Dagmar had already killed the child and burned it in the fireplace of her apartment.

The girl contacted the danish police who arrested Dagmar. In court Dagmar confessed to have killed 16 children in the time period from 1916-1920.

Later on Dagmar got the nickname The Angel Maker.

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