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The kidnapping
by independence hall

2 hours 
2 km/1.2 mile
Min. 2 players
€19/$ per person

8+ years recommended


365 days a year


Around the Independence Hall


The year is 1932.

Philadelphia is experiencing the effects of the great depression and strict prohibition laws. A baby is snatched from its pram in broad daylight and replaced with a doll.


As a policeman you must hurry and find the culprit so that you can return the child safely to it’s desperate parents.

But do you have what it takes to solve the kidnapping?

This TRUE CRIME mystery adventure is based on an actual historical event that took place in Philadelphia.

As you try to find the kidnapper you must solve exciting riddles and tasks together.

The more points you earn along the way, the more time you are given at the end, to discuss your findings and to reach a conclusion about the case.


Good luck with your investigation.

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How does it work?

Go to the pick up point, which is a short walk from the starting point, to collect your mystery. Begin the game any time you want at the starting point indicated on the envelope.

The mystery takes place outside and is a private group activity, no third party members or additional players are involved. It is possible to play the game in larger groups, go to FAQ for more information or send an email with your request to:

Pick up point

The exact location will be sent via email after purchase












**You have to collect your mystery at the pick up point within 3 months after purchase, after which you can solve your mystery any time you want.**

Open Hours:

Mon – Sun: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Closed on public holidays

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The mystery HUNT

The kidnapping by Independance Hall takes place in beautiful and historic central Philadelphia.


Your starting point and final destination is by Independence Hall.

Gather your group and open the envelope in front of Independence Hall at Chestnut St. to begin your adventure.

If there are several groups, add a competitive element by playing against each other. The first to solve the mystery and earn the most points win! 

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