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Team Solve A Mystery

On this page we tell you the story of Solve A Mystery, which started with a boring visit by our CEO Rasmus Munch to an open-air museum with his children. After creating the first mystery to make the visit more fun, everything took off ...


Team Solve A Mystery


Solve A Mystery was founded in 2019 in Copenhagen by Rasmus Munch. At the beginning, we were a one-person company! 

First product

Our first product was a murder mystery, which took participants on a self-guided tour at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. It was, and still is, inspired by true events of the past. At first, the mystery was  only available in English, as it was targeted towards tourists in Copenhagen. That same year however, the murder mystery at Christiansborg was translated into Danish, as locals were starting to show an interest in the product.

Following mysteries

Later that same year, two additional mysteries were launched. These two mysteries were based on the same principles as the first mystery and took place at Amalienborg Palace and the Round Tower – both in Copenhagen. Both of these mysteries were immediately available in both Danish and English. 

Solve A/B

In February 2020 conversations with potential investors for Solve A Mystery took place. On the 1st of March 2020 Rasmus Munch established the company ‘Solve A Mystery A/B’ with two Swedish and one Danish investor. The abbreviation ‘A/B’ is derived from the Swedish term ‘aktiebolag’ which signifies that a company is a Swedish limited company. As most investors came from Sweden the company was registered in Sweden even though it is mainly operating from Copenhagen.

Further expansion across European countries

After its official registration as a limited company, Solve A Mystery focused on expanding further. In the summer of 2020 five more mysteries were made available. Three were in Oslo at the Parliament, Akershus Fortress, and the restaurant ‘Grefsenkollen’, which is situated on a mountain overlooking the city. Only one of these three mysteries was available in both English and Norwegian, the two others were only in Norwegian. The stories of these mysteries were based on the storylines of the mysteries of Amalienborg Palace and the Round Tower. To avoid confusion between the different storylines, we started dividing the storylines into ‘Cases’. This is also indicated on our website. For example, the Round Tower and the parliament in Oslo are both based on Case B, and thus both involve the disappearance of a local person.

The last two of the additional five mysteries took place in Stockholm – at the Parliament and the Royal Palace. Both were available in Swedish and English.

Following these mysteries, we wanted to expand further. The choice was made to expand to the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland next, as these were countries where our employees already spoke the language – very useful given the size of the company.

Two mysteries were established in London – at Trafalgar Square and in Westminster – two in Edinburgh – at the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle – as well as one in Dublin – at Trinity College.

In late 2020 Barcelona was chosen as a new location in order to expand to a country with a milder and overall warmer climate than Northern Europe. Since then both Paris and Amsterdam have gotten our Mystery Hunts.  

Solve a Mystery is still working on more products to come and is currently expanding to other countries. All our current and future mysteries will be inspired by real true crime events.

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